Tango, it's something more than a dance or a piece of music. It is a lifestyle, ideology, and pulsating source of passion.

La Fonica Quartet is passionately fond of interpretation of the most beautiful tangos of the world. Original arrangement and unique performance character give the group its charm. Extraordinary energy and the spirit of tango, which surely accompany the musicians penetrate the listeners' minds and magically move them into the ambient of smoky Argentinian pubs...

During the concert there are Milongueros with the group. The dancers vividly and sensually describe with their bodies the Argentinean history of the tango... - their dance it is a wild passion and tender gentleness, the dance of domination and seduction.

"...the soul of tango is somewhere inside us. During the dance and music performance we let it show its realistic and full of life character, we give it another chance, to seduce us with its charm..."

"...there is no other moment, which can be more beautiful. Our concert is a successive level of bestowing happiness and delight to people..."